At the Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA), we are dedicated to fostering strong partnerships with our members, industry sectors, and all levels of government. Our primary goal is to provide a value-add advantage for our members through meaningful collaboration and advocacy.

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Our membership base comprises a diverse range of professionals involved in various aspects of the forest industry, including planting and spraying (silviculture), harvesting, haulage, civil works such as roading, growers, managers, mills and processors. By representing their interests, AFCA ensures that members, the forest industry, supply chain, and governments are well-informed about the latest developments and best practices for a sustainable and prosperous forest industry.

AFCA engages with government, industry stakeholders and the community to represent the interests of our members. We play an important role in ensuring members, the forest industry, supply chain and governments are aware of developments and best practices for a viable forest industry and future. 

Industry Dinners - Invitations to regular AFCA Industry Dinners, providing opportunities to connect with key stakeholders, industry leaders, and fellow supporters. Additionally, you will receive invitations to AFCA's prestigious Annual Dinner and Hall of Fame bi-annual event, where you can network with influential members of the forest growing community.

Social Media - As a Supporters member, you will receive an AFCA Member business profile per annum, showcasing your commitment to the industry on AFCA's social media platforms. This increased visibility can lead to enhanced networking opportunities and exposure for your business.

The Log Newsletter - Enjoy a monthly subscription to "The Log," AFCA's newsletter publication, delivered straight to your inbox. Stay up-to-date with industry news, trends, research findings, and member spotlights, ensuring you remain informed and connected.

Webinars & Podcasts - Gain access to AFCA's Webinar Series, featuring informative and educational sessions on topics relevant to the forest growing industry. Participate in live webinars and access recorded sessions, expanding your knowledge and expertise. You will also have the opportunity to engage with AFCA's podcast content, offering further 
insights and discussions.

Industry Support - become part of a collective voice and representation advocating for the forest growing industry. AFCA provides support and representation on issues affecting the industry's viability and future, ensuring your interests are protected.

Sponsor Access - Enjoy the benefits of connection, discounts, and advice from AFCA's sponsors. Tap into the expertise of industry-leading organisations, leveraging their support and guidance to further your professional endeavours.

Information and Government Advocacy - Stay informed with relevant and up-to-date information regarding the forest growing industry and AFCA's activities. AFCA provides advice, mediation, and lobbying to government bodies and departments on issues affecting the industry, advocating for positive change on behalf of its members.

Program Participation - gain access to AFCA projects and participation opportunities, including trials and research initiatives. Contribute to the development and advancement of the industry by actively engaging in these programs.

Promotion and Networking - AFCA ensures continued active promotion of the forest growing industry, highlighting its value, sustainability, and demand. As a Supporters member, you can build your industry network by connecting with other members, fostering collaborations, and exploring new business opportunities.

Business Assistance - AFCA provides support to its members in the promotion and development of new businesses. Benefit from resources, guidance, and assistance to help your business thrive within the forest growing industry.


Contractors with less than 

100K Production Tonnes/Annum


Contractors with between 

100K-250K Production Tonnes/Annum


Contractors with between 

250K-500K Production Tonnes/Annum


Contractors with greater than 

500K Production Tonnes/Annum


Subcontractors who subcontract 

to Forest contractors


Civil contractors


Silviculture contractors up to 500K Revenue/Annum


Silviculture contractors over 500K Revenue/Annum


Retired workers and individuals working in the Forest Industry


 Firewood contractors 

supplying commercial firewood, boutique wood products.


Industry Organisations, Learning Institutions, Growers, Managers, 

Mills and Processors