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AFCA's board and staff celebrated 20 years representing Forestry Contracting Businesses across Australia and invited our members to join us to help celebrate.



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​mentor program

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Are you ready to help others grow and be successful, or are you wanting to grow and be successful? This program is open to business leaders and emerging leaders in harvest, haulage, civil and silviculture sectors.

The program will: 

  • Identify and pair mentors and mentees 
  • Provide information and tool for successful mentoring 
  • Provide structured sessions and check-ins 
  • Provide networking opportunities 

The program will support dialogue across the industry, improve business performance and sustainability, problem solve by helping others, impart knowledge and encourage innovation and leadership. 

Make the most of mentoring: 

- Understand the interplay between external forces, industry trends, financial targets of the business and its internal capabilities in order to set, recommend and/or execute strategy.

- Recognise and adjust to new threats to or opportunities within the existing strategy and industry environment. 

- Attract and retain a highly efficient workforce. Communicate the strategic plan effectively to get team buy in. 

- Explore the benefits of embedding succession planning into your business strategy.

Watch the launch presentation held recently in Traralgon, Victoria below:

podcast & webinar Series

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We will be launching our new Podcast & Webinar series in 2023 but will notify our members when available.

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AFCA cautions Labor on $80m announcement

20 January 2023

NSW Labor yesterday announced a Great Koala National Park for the areas between Grafton and Kempsey if elected in March. The plan intends to review a proposal to preserve and hand over management of well managed state forests to National Parks.

The Australian Forest Contractors Association is cautioning NSW Labor around any decisions that removes the effective management of this forest areas by highly skilled operators if elected into government.


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